RomaEuropaFAKEFactory @ LPM2009

REFF is back again!

REFF @ LPM2009
REFF @ LPM2009

REFF @ LPM 2009
on May 28th 2009 (Digital Freedoms Day)
and on 28th-31st May 2009 (exhibitions, showcase, workshops)

for the whole duration of the LPM2009 (Live Performers Meeting), RomaEuropaFAKEFactory will showcase the project and the artists participating up to this moment, together with a rich set of initiatives:

Digital Freedoms: REFF & Art is Open Source host a day dedicated to digital freedoms focusing on intellectual property and copyright, and on the society of information and knowledge

REFF.erence 2, a roundtable in which artists, politicians, curators, academics (and you) will be able to discuss about the current situation in art and culture, with focus on access policies, funding, innovation and the possibility to be creative today

REFF showcase: we will setup an exhibition of the works currently submitted to REFF; hurry up and get yours registered, to be included

a “secret” installation will allow you to throw copyright down the toilet, and to experiment on new ways of being creative

REFFlex Animazon a performance by our partners nephogram will feature minimal click’n cuts with ambient mapping. (nephogram is an italian net.label supporting copyleft practices in the production of electronic music; they are collaborating with Animazon for this A/V liveset)

myRMX, our friends from sunny California, will showcase their brad new application for mobile phones, featuring an innovative way to remix and play music and a wonderful business model dedicated to innovation and artist promotion

Brett gaylor, the famous Canadian media activist and creator of OpenSource Cinema, will accept new contributions to his Open Source movie “RiP a Remix Manifesto”, that will be featured wordwide

[PAM] Perpetual Art Machine, founded by Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller, Raphaele Shirley and Lee Wells, will be a wonderful addition to the festival, showcasing their project and a selection of the artists participating to their wonderful portal; this is truly a nice addition as PAM will be in deep contact with REFF, also being present in our multi-venue event happening later-on this year, and participating to REFF’s publication

REFF’s workshops will show you how to create music and visuals by sniffing p2p networks and by interactively assembling User Generated Content

So don’t miss it!

REFF @ LPM 2009
on May 28th 2009 (Digital Freedoms Day)
and on 28th-31st May 2009 (exhibitions, showcase, workshops)

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