IBM ‘Data Baby’


Scientific Data is Transformed into a Unique Visual Language in “Data Baby,” directed by MTh’s Mathew Cullen

Director Mathew Cullen and MTh designers and code artists partnered with global ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather/New York to create innovative generative art techniques for IBM. The :30 spot, “Data Baby” is part of IBM’s “Smarter Planet” campaign and incorporates data-driven design derived from a newborn’s vital signs to convey that IBM’s technologies help analyze data to build smarter hospitals. The team built custom code that translates spreadsheets of raw numerical data –– derived, in the case of “Data Baby,” from a newborn’s respiratory, heart rate, blood pressure, EKG, oxygen saturation, and temperature readings –– into motion paths that move and evolve design elements organically across image sequences. In the spot, patterns gently float up in-frame, seemingly from the surface of a newborn baby resting in a neonatal ward. Ethereal CG life patterns, fractal-like shapes and other visual expressions flow upwards to form a stylized mobile that is captured as a reflection in the baby’s eye. These beautiful design elements warmly envelop the baby, delivering an authentic visual representation of the myriad pieces of data made available to doctors with the help of IBM technology. This is data, as the spot conveys, that helps doctors treat babies more effectively and build smarter hospitals. R&D included bringing on board a medical consultant, developing custom code to process and visualize data, implementing a workflow for importing camera motion paths, and tracking curves and models of the baby to match the exact movements of four infants filmed live on set. Cullen directed and oversaw a three-day live-action shoot in LA, teaming up once again with Academy Award-winning DP Guillermo Navarro, a longtime Motion Theory collaborator.

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