changing habbits

The Habbits are humanoid forms with body parts distorted relative to the environmental impact of common activities. Each body part is assigned to one impact: Feet – Transport; Hands – Home Energy; Mouth – Water; Bum – Waste; Belly – Food and Head – Electrical Goods and the body parts are grown where an individual's impact is higher.

The government target for sustainable living in 2050 is that no individual shall have a higher carbon footprint than 2 tonnes. The Changing Habbits programme is designed to help you reduce your carbon emissions whilst saving you money.

What can I do as an individual?

We all have responsibility to change our Habbits and reduce our carbon footprint. Every UK citizen emitts on average 12.1 tonnes of CO2. Simple life-style changes can guide you in the right direction towards a more sustainable and balanced Habbit.

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