The Sancho Plan



The Sancho Plan create new interactive entertainment experiences for the 21st century. Fusing animation, music, gaming, technology and performance, our unique performances and environments form a a series of live, interactive and immersive musical adventures.

Our performances feature a live band in front of or surrounded by screens, the on-stage musicians orchestrating sounds and simultaneously controlling the on-screen animated characters. You can read more about our latest performance piece, The Black Page here.

Our environments might allow the public to interact with our characters or enjoy new immersive spaces. In 2008 we were commissioned to create a new animated-musical experience for the world’s largest permanent 3D stereoscopic theatre at the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz for their year as European Capital of Culture. Read about Jungle Imperator here.

The Sancho Plan is an award-winning collaboration of writers, musicians, animators, designers and computer programmers, whose creative output has been shown in clubs, festivals, cinemas, theatres and on television and computer screens around the world. Through the careful combination of animation, sound, music and interactive technology, we create fantastical worlds in which animated musical characters are triggered by a variety of electronic musical instruments and interfaces.

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