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Singularity Rumble V

here are some interesting papers on skepticism on the technological Singularity

some times ago published this manifesto by Jaron Lanier, titled "One Half of a Manifesto":

and Ray Kurzweil answered like this "One half of an argument":

And here is a video in which Ray Kurzweil goes to Google and presents his theories

a series of ways in which you can try and discuss with Ray Kurzweil

Argument #4: "Hey Ray, your chart sucks!"

Singularity rumble

in a recent post on Gizmodo eering-of-human-brain-likely-by-2020

Ray Kurzweil Kurzweil says he will reverse engineer the brain by a couple of decades…

but not everyone agrees:

for example PZ Myers basically says that Kurzweil a crook who “is pontificating on magic solutions completely free of facts and reason”

and Kurzweil answers:

that PZ did not really understand Information Theory.

and rises some more: