Archive for December, 2010 use the Kinetic to become invisible a do it yourself cruise missle teen builds basement nuclear reactor

a do it yourself spaceship? for real: suborbital baloon you can build yourself to take pictures from way up high Scolu: a beautiful project packet flight: what happens on your network when you interact with facebook a wonderful explanation of the economic bubble millions of stolen passwords leaked, recently. here’s the analisys. most common password? 123456 :) Santa Claus Brand book is wonderful: santaclaus brand marketing strategy. the “credibility” curve is pure genius creative applications: Strange Rain for iPad, suggestive, interactive rain on your screen, and stories generative art book: each book is different as it includes images generated from software, then printed on demand thousands of stories hidden in data: why do people move in/out of New York? interactive infoaesthetics Michael Schrage’s (MIT) top 6 innovation ideas for 2011 Gartner: 10 strategic technologies for 2011 from Open Knowledge Fundation: Exploring European Energy Data. infoaesthetics and research