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Roma Design+ special FX and design: AOS and FakePress present Connecticity and De_Face

REFF, Bruce and Jasmina on Shoot4Change


Fake Factory, la prefazione al REFF di Bruce Sterling

Zambardino su Sterling/Assange

Come un’oca nella nebbia. Storia ed evoluzione di un’idiota tecnologica. By J. Tesanovic for REFF book

B. Sterling & J. Tesanovic present REFF book @ Rome – 14/15 january

Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tešanović present REFF

Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic present REFF in Rome Jan 14-15, at ESC Atelier and Strike toylets: technological toy games for toilets. watch the images if you don’t speak japanese TeslaTouch: the touch screen touches back where is my mind? article, replies and feedbacks on the “location” of the part of our brain outside our body?

REFF, an augmented reality drug, part 1 Utopia London: an interesting documentary on the story of London’s Modernist architecture weaponized architecture