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The new ToShare website is up!

the new ToShare websitethe new ToShare website

You can check it out here on
We’re particularly happy both because it was a joint effort between Art is Open Source and because it is yet another beautiful collaboration that we’re bringing up with them.

The website has been in design for quite a while, as we planned for the creation of quite a complex setup. What we had in mind was to create a platform in which people could contribute to the contents of the website by enabling a re-blogging environment.

The ToShare team is currently getting people involved in the areas of design, new technologies, contemporary arts, circuit bending, robotics, and more. If you think you have something interesting to say, and can expose it through a RSS feed from your blog or website, write them a line or two explaining what you’re up to and chances are that you could join in the platform.

More info on the ToShare website.

And, if you don’t already know about it, get ready for Market Forces, the 2009 edition of the ToShare Festival. Guest curator Andy Cameron joins the Share team to explore the contemporary world through complexity and crisis. And we’ll have something to say about that, too. But we’ll leave it as a surprise, for the near future.

In the meanwhile, we leave you with just a hint on what we’ll be collaborating on together with the Share Festival  team: Squatting Supermarkets.

Stay tuned.

We finally managed to get the next two interviews of the series “Interviewing the Crisis” ready in both English and Italian.

The next two on the lineup are Marc Garrett and Simona Lodi

Simona Lodi

Simona Lodi

Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett

Their points of view are quite interesting.

I got to know (digitally, up to now) Marc by reading and writing on the NetBehaviour mailing list. It always amazed me about the openness of the approach that can be found on all the things he does, working together with the Furtherfield crew.

His interview is an incredible text that shows more than “art”, accessing dimensions that show how new practices can create a physical and networked-to-a-human-scale critique to the world that is around us. A use of networking that is centered on human beings that need/want to act/react. A form of life. Technology, network, sociality and positive attitudes as the necessary set of tools to confront the contemporary era.

I met Simona indirectly, as I used to playfully hack the ToShare website every year they made the call for submissions for the Share Prize. The yearly prank was called “IHackedTheTorinoShareWebsiteBecauseINeverWin”.

I loved doing that :)

Then I met her in Venice at the ahaCamping where I, together with penelope.di.pixel, presented a digital ecosystem and DegradArte, and she was coordinating an open roundtable on the possibilities for collaboration and networking between italian and international arts and cultural groups and organizations. Again, great openness, an incredibly smart attitude towards innovation and on the possibility to adopt new models for just about everything. And she was also the only one that laughed at my and penelope.di.pixel’s metaphysical jokes :)

Her interview scans the current situation from the point of view of a successful and truly innovative new media arts festival, and on the incredible initiatives that were born from it.

here you go:

Marc Garrett’s interview on

and Simona Lodi’s interview on

we are also starting to collect everything up on the Interviewing the Crisis website. Sorry it’s a bit untidy right now. We’re aiming at the most important things first: to collect all of these contributions, translating them, organizing them.

In the next few days we’ll have the next interviews. Stay tuned.

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