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The video shows the presentation of the paper titled “Wearing Emotions: Physical representation and visualization of human emotions using wearable technologies” presented at the IV10 (Information Visualization 2010) conference at South Bank‘s college in London, on July 26th, 2010.

The paper and presentation describe a research process focused on the scientific research, design and implementation of wearable devices able todisplay human emotions – be them individual, group or global – on physical bodies.
The devices created in the process have been used to create 3 artistic performances as both proofs of concepts and as innovative forms of artistic and aesthetic expression: Talkers performanceOneAvatar and Conference Biofeedback.

the slides relative to the presentation can be found here:

the video can be found here:

or here

on Art is Open Source:

Reference links:

the IV10 conference website:

Art is Open Source:


Talkers Performance:


Conference Biofeedback:

Disegno Industriale 39Disegno Industriale 39

The new issue of Disegno Industriale is out, , focused on Interaction Design.

You can check it out here. There’s also an article I wrote about John Maeda and the great influence he had on creativity through computing.

Hope you enjoy it.

Here is a short summary and the index:

From designing the shape of objects to shaping the design of behaviours: next issue will explore interaction as a form to design in order to shape a world which can be more intelligent and friendly. After high-tech, technology hides itself within our artificial world, in order to become ane everyday presence.”

Tonino Paris
Dipendenze tecnologiche
Technology Addiction
Derrick de Kerckhove | Donald Norman | Bruce Sterling
Augmented Design
Lorenzo Imbesi
Troy Nachtigall
Salvatore Iaconesi
Silvio Cioni
L’Oggetto dell’Interazione
The Object of Interaction
Luca Simeone
Oltre l’interazione naturale
Beyond Natural Interaction
Lorenzo Imbesi
Is This Your Future?
Loredana Di Lucchio
La fabbrica dell’ingegno
The mind factory
Carlo Ratti | Assaf Biderman | Eugenio Morello | Francisca Rojas
Federico Casalegno
Pervasive and Mobile
Patrizia Scarzella
La dimensione invisibile del design
The hidden dimension of design
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Mighty Mouse

“O” an emotional bluetooth gadget

December 19th, 2008

O, an emotional bluetooth gadget

O, an emotional bluetooth gadget

“O” is finally ready.

A bluetooth gadget with an emotional approach. It can be used to communicate with your friends, lovers and relatives with a gesture of your hand.

Squeeze it. Watch it vibrate and light up. Know that they love you :)

Check it out :)

an article explaining how emotional approaches to technology can access socio-political dialogue dimensions

we just published the article presented at the (re)Actor3 / HCI2008 conference/event in Liverpool.

you can find it here:

“Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi (DpSdC) investigates on interaction mechanisms created using low cost DIY technologies, aiming at the creation of emotional environments that can be used to break the users’ inhibitory barriers to narratively access dialogue on socio-political issues.”

– (re)Actor3

– HCI2008

– Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi

– some videos and a report