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We will be at the DULP 2009 meeting at the Tor Vergata University on September 14th and 15th, 2009, to present FakePress and, specifically Ubiquitous Anthropology (presented by Luca Simeone) and Saperi p2p (presented by Salvatore Iaconesi).

The DULP is an international meeting focused on innovative approaches to learning and education practices: Design Inspired Learning, Ubiquitous Learning, Liquid Learning Places, Person in Place Centered Design. Mobile technologies, cultural ecosystems, design applied to learning and culture will be among the main subjects for discussion among the many international researchers that will contribute to the event.

We will present two projects of our FakePress cross-media publishing house:

ubiquitous anthropologyubiquitous anthropology

Ubiquitous Anthropology, using mobile applications with a location based approach to create a narrative environment through which anthropologists will be able to represent the multiplicity of voices that are present in their ethnographic observations, thus building interactive, polyphonic, multiauthor narratives;

saperi p2psaperi p2p

Saperi p2p is a mobile-enabled digital ecosystem that allows for ubiquitous collaboration among research projects. Usable through web and iPhone, it allows for the creation of research teams (or education, or professional, or any other kind…) that can collaborate cross-medially: places, times, contents, communication… the p2p system allows for a realtime connection between the participants. It is like a hyperlocal social network that can be used to create a digital context for collaborative groups. Groups can be connected, forming operative, p2p onthologies that allow for knowledge sharing and multidisciplinary approaches to culture and science.

Salvatore Iaconesi and Luca Simeone will present the projects for FakePress, and will provide a demo platform throuh which you will be able to try the systems out.