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This tutorial shows you how you can make a presentation using Augmented Reality. Code is done using ProcessingTUIO and reactivision.

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Angel_F @ AHAcktitude, Nov. 27-29 2009, Milan

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November 25, 2009 0

Artisti-attivisti, hacker artistici, attivisti socio-artistici, chiamateli come volete. I 600 iscritti alla lista AHA sono solo una parte di tutte quelle persone che, in Italia e nel mondo, sanno che il mezzo non è solo il messaggio, ma anche il massaggio e il mixaggio. Che non basta lamentarsi della tv (generalista, comunitaria o di nicchia), e neanche blaterare sulla comunicazione alternativa, e che occorre costruire esperienze, perché la comunicazione senza i corpi comunica solo i messaggi preconfezionati, e il corpo senza intelligenza produce solo manipolazione.

Per questo dall’anno scorso gli iscritti di AHA si incontrano di persona periodicamente, ogni volta in una città diversa, per aprire le scatole nere, per mettere le mani dentro i dispositivi della tecnologia, della comunicazione e dell’immaginario, per decostruire i saperi ufficiali e condividerne di nuovi, per lavorare all’intelligenza collettiva dei corpi e non a quella del capitale, per allargare la resistenza alla globalizzazione delle multinazionali e dei poteri costituiti.

AHAcktitude sarà una tre giorni di attività e di attivismo, di allegria e di condivisione, di studio e di divertimento. Tecnologia, musica, internet, letteratura, telecomunicazioni, marketing, social network: tutto sarà declinato all’insegna dell’open source e della messa in comune. Modi, approcci, atteggiamenti diversi ma comunicanti di esplorare, interpretare, agire la nostra condizione di esseri tecnologicamente modificati.

Perché gli esseri umani valgono più della merce, e non saremo soddisfatti finché la vita di chi ha qualcosa vale più della vita di chi non ha nulla.

AHA : Activism-Hacking-Artivism, è una mailing list nata nel 2002 all’interno del progetto AHA fondato nel 2001 da Tatiana Bazzichelli, aka T_Bazz. AHA vuole promuovere il networking, cioè la cultura di rete, soprattutto nella versione che lega le pratiche artistiche all’attivismo politico e sociale (“artivismo„).

barcodes come to life

the Life of Things lets you peek into the secret lives of products and objects by transforming their barcodes into generative digital lifeforms.

done with Processing

there also is a small library i wrote to integrate in processing sketches the ZXING barcode decoding library.

See the little gadget here:

download the library and documentation here:

Folks, these are the best of times and the worst of times, as they say. I live a couple blocks away from Wall Street in a crummy apartment that is getting torn down as we speak. There are piles of ironic rubble everywhere. As I pack up electronics, copies of MAKE, and tools, it’s becoming clear to me that we have an historic opportunity to make things better, not just immediately, but for the future. We’re all likely to feel financial pressures with inflation; our dollars won’t go as far, so our interests and hobbies should be ones that give back. I’m pretty sure “DIY” is going to get even bigger, as more people will be making things. Some make because we want to, some because it’s all we’ll be able to do.

When we are young, we have lots of time, but not lots of money, so we play, we tinker, we explore. I think we’re going to have that opportunity again. The things we make, the tools we use, the books and resources we buy need to work harder for us and be things we not only learn from, but pass on to others, including children. We can spend more time together at meetups (MAKE, dorkbot, etc) and collectively form places, like hacker spaces and tool shops (NYCR, etc) to pool our resources. We can invest in hobbies that will give back, like electronics, woodworking, and DIY in general. Being able to make, fix, repair, and build might be the most important skills to develop. We really only have each other, and I think we’re all better off when we’re able to be self-reliant when we need to be.

We have a lot of challenges ahead. I’m an American and I tend to think that we are at our best when we are challenged the most. It doesn’t get more interesting than this. There are energy problems we’ll need to solve. There are education problems we’ll need to solve. If you’re a parent, you’re in the best possible position to help. You never know what will spark a kid’s interest, so you expose them to lots of things. I don’t have any kids (yet) but after a few years of doing Maker Faires and talking with thousands of parents, I know that electronics seem to be one of those things that kids go crazy with. I’m not sure how we’re going to make the world a better place, but I know we will need scientists and engineers.

As 2008 comes to a close soon, we’re doing everything we can at MAKE to inspire the current and next generation of Makers, who will be creating the next chapter in this story. We have a Maker Faire coming up in Austin (October 18-19). Tens of thousands of people will come together to celebrate making things. We also have a giant sale going on for the rest of the month (only a few days left): everything in the Maker Shed store is 10% off, and you get a free Maker’s Notebook automatically added to orders over $25. Use discount code CRZYDAN at the checkout. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a time to get started with electronics, this is it. Pick up a soldering set, a kit or two, and maybe an Arduino. There are dozens of people I know who got started and within just a few months were considering new careers; some have even started their own businesses making electronics.

I know there are lots of things you can do with your time and money, and I want to thank all the folks who support MAKE: everyone who visits our sites, watches our videos, reads our books and magazines, and comes to Maker Faire. We’re just one small group in a giant community that is trying to make things better. MAKE is just a collection of Makers; we didn’t create this group of people — they were and always will be out there. I hope we’re doing a good job celebrating this movement and inspiring folks. If you think there’s more everyone could do, I’m certain you will join in and help.