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Vacanza! (Holiday!)

please join us at AHAktitude 2011 in Carrara, in April 01-02-03, 2011

AOS will present:

Vacanza! a really relaxed Augmented Reality workshop

at AOS (and in the other initiatives such as REFF and FakePress) we’ve been proclaiming the rise of a new (or old?) idea of Augmented Reality, a philosophical approach screaming:

“Autonomy! You have the power and tools to shape your own world, creating additional spaces for your expression and free action!”

We’ve started some time ago, joyfully attacking supermarkets with our augmented reality invasion in Squatting Supermarkets.

Then we continued the Augmented reality experiments with FakePress, exploring the possibility to invent new languages and usage grammars for the world that had impacts on education, knowledge, society, cities and relationships.

And, lately, with our recently released Augmented Reality Drug, with REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory.

All these actions used technologies and practices to reinvent the world, our roles and the things we can do each days, promoting a multilayered, polyphonic, multicultural, free, autonomous version of reality, and suggesting that new imaginaries, languages, strategies,  politics and poetics can be created, reinventing art, business, activism and communication.

This is why we’re truly happy to present:



a series of micro-workshops, micro-lectures, micro-forums and micro-interstitial meetings executed using crumpled-up Augmented Reality and other technologies.

When: April 1-2-3 2011, at AHAcktitude
Where: Carrara, Italy

AHAcktitude Program:

An intense program of micro-workshops, micro-seminars, micro-lectio-magistralis disseminated in the spaces and times of the AHAcktitude meeting.

The micro courses will define an interstitial narrative that will traverse the whole event:

  • Workshops on Augmented Reality executed by throwing crumpled-up micro-sldies to other people during other workshops
  • Lectures on the Reinvention of Reality made for 1 people at the time while we invent new ways of remixing beer, vodka and tomato juice
  • The tales of our latest actions with squats in London, student groups at universities, taking them “REFF’s education program on the methodologic reinvention of reality through critical practices of remix, mashup, recontextualization and re-enactment” and organizing the initiatives for the protest that will take place on March 24-25-26 2011: narrated wearing stupid glasses with fake mustache and plastic noses, hiding post-it notes, qrcodes, AR markers and distributing small softwares, micro slideshows, mini websites prepared there, live, in realtime.


Feedback and interaction

Workshops are open for everyone!
They are anytime, anywhere, always!
Being hit by one of the crumpled-up slides will mean that you are in one of them!
The objective of the workshops is to create emergent, spontaneous, effective, reproducible, appropriatable, remixable, re-enactable, disseminated, augmented discussions.
Throw me your micro crumpled slides with questions and ideas!
Throw them to other people, so that they can be in the workshop, too!
Copy, fake, reproduce, show and plagiarize the micro workshops! use the post-its and qrcodes!
Make “fake” ones yoruselves!
Place them all around AHAcktitude and in the whole city!
Copy the micro softwares and micro-lectures!
send them by mail to everyone! click “i like” and “share” on social networks!
Finally, reality is augmenting.

Squatting Supermarkets was presented at AHAcktitude 2009

Here are the slides (they’re mostly pictures of the installation/software/performance)

Squatting Supermarkets


View more presentations from xdxd.
And here are some videos from the event:

for more info:

home sweet home, we’re back again.

AOS participated to AHAcktitude 2009 in Milan, and it was a great experience.

We presented Bluetooth Wars, a workshop in which the people were able to build their very own Bluetooth media server.

This has many uses, ranging from proximity advertising to political uses in demonstrations or events.

Here below the links to the presentation slides and to the video of the workshop.

BlueTooth Wars

View more presentations from xdxd.
And here you will find the video of the presentation:

Angel_F @ AHAcktitude, Nov. 27-29 2009, Milan

digital culture / events / features / people / performance

November 25, 2009 0

Artisti-attivisti, hacker artistici, attivisti socio-artistici, chiamateli come volete. I 600 iscritti alla lista AHA sono solo una parte di tutte quelle persone che, in Italia e nel mondo, sanno che il mezzo non è solo il messaggio, ma anche il massaggio e il mixaggio. Che non basta lamentarsi della tv (generalista, comunitaria o di nicchia), e neanche blaterare sulla comunicazione alternativa, e che occorre costruire esperienze, perché la comunicazione senza i corpi comunica solo i messaggi preconfezionati, e il corpo senza intelligenza produce solo manipolazione.

Per questo dall’anno scorso gli iscritti di AHA si incontrano di persona periodicamente, ogni volta in una città diversa, per aprire le scatole nere, per mettere le mani dentro i dispositivi della tecnologia, della comunicazione e dell’immaginario, per decostruire i saperi ufficiali e condividerne di nuovi, per lavorare all’intelligenza collettiva dei corpi e non a quella del capitale, per allargare la resistenza alla globalizzazione delle multinazionali e dei poteri costituiti.

AHAcktitude sarà una tre giorni di attività e di attivismo, di allegria e di condivisione, di studio e di divertimento. Tecnologia, musica, internet, letteratura, telecomunicazioni, marketing, social network: tutto sarà declinato all’insegna dell’open source e della messa in comune. Modi, approcci, atteggiamenti diversi ma comunicanti di esplorare, interpretare, agire la nostra condizione di esseri tecnologicamente modificati.

Perché gli esseri umani valgono più della merce, e non saremo soddisfatti finché la vita di chi ha qualcosa vale più della vita di chi non ha nulla.

AHA : Activism-Hacking-Artivism, è una mailing list nata nel 2002 all’interno del progetto AHA fondato nel 2001 da Tatiana Bazzichelli, aka T_Bazz. AHA vuole promuovere il networking, cioè la cultura di rete, soprattutto nella versione che lega le pratiche artistiche all’attivismo politico e sociale (“artivismo„).


AOS wil be at the AHACKTITUDE meeting in Milan, on November 27-28-29 in Milan.

We will present a really simple, but effective, project, called Bluetooth Wars

We will analyze Bluetooth, a technology that is mostly used to connect devices to our mobile phones, but that can be transformed into a powerful tool for local, pervasive and independent communications.

We will create an open source bluetooth media server and do some experimentations in media distributions, experimenting the aesthetics of mobile media and the practices of pervasive communication.

As a side issue, we will also use our media server to research on the possibilities offered by mobile technologies to observe people, their habits, their movements. We will try to wear the clothes of the Big Brother for once, to investigate just how observed we can be while using our mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Great News for REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory!

REFF logo, RomaEuropa FakeFactoryREFF logo, RomaEuropa FakeFactory

RomaEuropa Web Factory’s second edition is about to start up.

REFF attended the press conference held at the Opificio Telecom in Rome, on Wednsday September 16h 2009, to check out the informations that were being diffused on the web about the innovations of this year’s edition of the Fondazione Romaeuropa’s networked competition.

While watching the press conference, it seemed as if we were looking in the mirror. Because RomaEuropa WebFactory 2009/2010 edition is actually indistinguishable from last year’s RomaEuropa FakeFactory!

  • Open licenses.
  • The works are remixes of existing ones.
  • Democratic voting.
  • Experts and academics evaluating the submitted works through their reviews

All of these things are going to be included in this year’s RomaEuropa WebFactory, whose structure, thus, becomes indistinguishable from the FakeFactory!

And there’s more.

Beatpick. Beatpick is part of REFF, and they are the main partner form the music section (100Samples). Beatpick has been called to manage RomaEuropa WebFactory’s music section for this year’s competition.

Summing up: same rules, open lincenses adoption, same practices, and even our main music partner handling the music section.


We think that this is a great victory.

RomaEuropa WebFactory adopted all of the instances suggested by REFF’s critique. And we’re happy about it.

And we even got proper credit for the effectiveness of our action: REFF was mentioned multiple times during the press conference as the main factor bringing on this year’s change.

It’s not over, yet.

REFF project goes on by producing about 3 minor events by the end of the year, with one to present the publication that includes the academic productions of our scientific committee.

And then, in 2010, we’ll have an enormous initiative. But we’ll leave it as a little suspence for the next few days. :)

Stay Tuned!

from Art is Open Source

full info, pictures and videos at Art is Open Source


Mar. 20th, Italian Senate – Senato

REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, was presented at the Italian senate through an intense series of panels dealing with art/culture/creativity in the contemporary era, with the issues of cultural politics from the points of view of institutions and cultural operators, with the possibility for the enactment of innovative business and legal models for art, creativity and culture. the conference launch the proposal of a digital table of discussion with the Senator & vice president of the Cultural Commission Vincenzo Vita, who hosted the event.

REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, è stata presentata al Senato Italiano attraverso un’intensa serie di panel che hanno trattato temi quali arte/cultura/creatività nel contemporaneo affrontando nodi quali le politiche culturali dal punto di vista degli operatori e delle istituzioni pubbliche e private, orientando il dibattito all’ideazione di nuovi modelli di produzione. La conferenza lancia la proposta di un tavolo sulla cultura digitale con il Senatore Vincenzo Vita vicepres. della Commissione Cultura, che ha ospitatol’evento.


Mar. 21st, Flexi Bookstore

REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, hosts the second part of REFF.ERENCE at the Libreria Flexi with the title REFF.ternoon. The presentation of Luca Neri’s new book “La Baia dei Pirati – Assalto al Copyright” is the occasion to discuss the issues of intellectual property, cultural change, and innovative practices, at the basics of REFF’s concept.

REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, ospita la seconda parte di REFF.RENCE alla libreria Flexi con il titolo REFF.ternoon. La presentazione del libro del giornalista Luca Neri “La Baia dei Pirati – Assalto al Copyright” diventa l’occasione di affrontare tematiche sulla proprietà intellettuale, trasformazione culturale e pratiche innovative che sono alla base del concept del REFF.

REFF.jected Mar. 21st NEO Club

In a wonderful collaboration with the Rejected collective, REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, arrives at the third part of its traversal of the contemporary metropolis, with REFF.jected, a party themed on the “remixing people” attitude. Bodies-desires-sexualities-..aesthetics-faces-ideas are remixed by accessing Rome’s underground attitudes and mindsets: Djs. Vjs, Liv acts, dance floors, installations, performances promoting happiness.

In splendida collaborazione con il collettivo Rejected, REFF, RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, arriva alla terza parte dei suoi attraversamenti nella metropoli contemporanea, con REFF.jected; un party con l’attitudine “remixing people”. Corpi-desideri-sessualità-..estetiche-facce-idee sono remixate penetrando nelle frequenze e nei mind sets della Roma underground con Djs, Vjs, Live Sets, Dancefloors, installazioni, perfomances alla volta della felicità.

a visual reportage from the “Freedom not Fear” event in Rome.





here is a report on ArtsBlog

and here are the pictures

Angel_F and SuperAvatar are scared.

The lives of the young artificial intelligence and of the  avatar who escaped from virtual worlds have been endangered  more than once by the control, that is constantly perpetrated on people’s information, habits and identities.

Forms of surveillance that are progressively and obsessively  expanding through continuous control of our lives (and not  only of the ones of our beloved digital beings). Along the streets, in supermarkets, in public spaces, and even in our homes, through telephones and internet connectivity.  An enormous amount of resources are wasted to control people’s  lives in multiple ways: from cameras to armed forces, passing  through data retention systems spying on people’s personal  information.

Angel_F e SuperAvatar are feeling annoyed, alarmed and outraged by all of that and, therefore, decided to publicly show their dissent, together with their human friends.

The two digital beings will join the “Freedom not Fear“  event, and they will attend the conference that will take  place at the “Provincia di Roma” building on saturday,  starting at 9:30am.

Who: Angel_F and SuperAvatar
When: Saturday, October 11th 2008, from 9:30am to 13:30am
Where: “Freedom not Fear”, palazzo Valentini (Palazzo della  Provincia di Roma, via IV Novembre n. 119/a, Roma


Freedom not Fear“: International action day for democracy, free speech, human rights, civil liberties; against censorship, mass-surveillance, mass-data retention.

Angel_F is the young artificial intelligence son of Derrick  de Kerckhove and the Biodoll.
It was born on February 2007. Since it started interacting with humans’ physical world it has been deeply interested about the international dialogue on digital rights. After a peculiar case of censorship, little Angel_F managed to attend the UN’s Internet  Governance Forum held in Rio de Janeiro all by itself.

Angel_F is a project by xDxD.vs.xDxD and penelope.di.pixel

Fatherboard – the SuperAvatar – is an avatar that escaped  from virtual worlds when its owner’s computer exploded in  a short circuit.  It looks like a cyborg, but it isn’t, as its body is built from the hardware parts of the computer from where it materialized.
Its relations with human beings are contradictory and intermittent: the SuperAvatar is a fugitive living a constant conflict with institutional control, either the virtual and the real ones!

Fatherboard is a project by Luigi Pagliarini